Mona is our full-time project. We develop according to our fundings, trying to follow the Roadmap below. Here are listed the future evolutions of MonaServer and the time of development expected. If you want to finance/accelerate a specific development you can contact us at or You can also make a donation for the project to allow us to continue the development : $, .

Name Details of the feature Time required
Recording Adding asynchronous recording feature using IOCP, libkqueue... 5 weeks
VOD Adding support for client:onRead() to RTMP/RTMFP and Websocket 1 week
SSL Support To support HTTPS, WebSocketSSL and RTMPS 3 weeks
HLS To support HLS streaming (Apple HTTP Live Streaming technology) 3 weeks
WebRTC Adding the WebRTC Protocol in a promising implementation ~ 1 year