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About us

We are 2 french engineers specialists of c++11 and server communication.

If you want to reach us directly you can send a mail to

Mathieu Poux  
mathieu I am the original developer of the project Cumulus and initiator of MonaServer. Expert of RTMP and RTMFP I develop and do support for clients of MonaServer.
Thomas Jammet  

With an experience of 5 years in Industrial Computing I am now a freelancer working on MonaServer, developing and offering support for clients of MonaServer.

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Mona is our full-time project. We develop according to our funding, trying to follow the Roadmap. But we can also personalize Mona to your needs, or extend its features for your systems. Or we can simply assist you and advise you in the deployment and the usage of Mona on your environment.

Professional Support

Thomas Jammet offers professional support for MonaServer, so please contact him if you are interested. Available contracts are :

  Standard Support Extended Support
Max. initial response time 4 business days 2 business days
Price for 12 months EUR 490 (approx. US-$ 560) EUR 1490 (approx. US-$ 1700)


We remind you that Mona is licensed under the GNU General Public License, so it is free to use.

But if you want to sell a product based on MonaServer source code you can buy a commercial license, the price is :

EUR 5000 (approx. US-$ 6116)

Please contact us or for more informations.

Basic Support

Mona is an open source collaborative project hosted on github, so you can participate to the development if you share your modifications (GPL). You can also use the forum for questions and the Github issue page to report bugs. Nevertheless we do not guarantee any response delay.

Please remember that our development is open source, so contributions are greatly appreciated :